The Terror of the Seas


Start of a new one off running series. Fowlie couldn’t make it tonight. Will be nautical in theme. We have Ishmael (my half-orc navigator), Katt (cleric; Jake), Hiro (japanese fighter; John Lenz), Trig (wizard, Jo Anne). Buhler is DM.

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The Adventure Begins

Pirate Game. DMHiC.
Met up with Fowlie, Buhler and Lenz. Our ship is part of a 3 boat fleet, but run into a storm. The captain acts odd, we break formation and the other two ships are attacked. We mutiny against the captain, but too late. We pick up a survivor (Billy – Bilgerat) and take our goods to port. Sell them for a decent profit. Sven gets a wig fixed; we head to a tavern and hear more about silver pirates.

Making a Deal

DM Hi C; started off with fowlie, buhler, lenz, myself and punshon. Fina showed up as well. At the tavern, we see a mafiosa make a deal with a bald man. We met up with him, to arrange a midnight meet. We let the captain know, and head there. We end up picking a metal box, and load it up. Paperwork is signed; we find some spies watching. We end up heading out (fowlie heads out), and travel by see. By day 5, a ship starts chasing us. By the end of day 7, we get caught…..

The Start of War at Sea

DMHC. Fowlies friend came over, as well as Nova, Lenz, punshon, Buhler and myself. We dealt with flying lizards and the ship coming up close.

Battle at sea

DM-HiC – Buhler DM; with Jake Punshon, myself and John Lenz (was meant to be DMJ, but Fowlie canceled).
Fought a bunch of little lizards, but managed to take them down. Was unconscious twice; but managed to take their ship. Killed one more creature;

Bringing it home

DMHiC – Last minute game,as Fowlie canceled DMC. Joba, Punshon, Buhler, Lenz and Marcoux – got the 2nd ship, managed to sail to town, without fighting magic horse riders. Got into town, brought the goods to the target, and avoided the guards.

Let's sell a boat!

Lenz Birthday – DMHiC game, as fowlie couldn’t make it. Had Jake, Buhler, Lenz, and Marcoux. We unloaded our package / crate. Then, went back to the boat, debated which boat to sell (the old one), and went to the Merchant’s Guild to join, and meet up with a contact. Then tried to sell a boat. No deal was made, as she was worried about the Taint.

Selling the Boat

Finished selling the boat. ($4500) then got a job, and headed south to an island for $400/blue mushroom. played with buhler, lenz and marcoux

Light it up
Blue Mushroom Isle

June 29th, 2016
We find ourselves at the Merchants guild as members. Ishmael as acting captain is a full member and we are associate members. Me, Masa and Ish are present. The others are spending 24 hours in the drunk tank recovering from an all-nighter.

We want to sell our slightly used, battle hardened lovely but silver tainted 60’ cog. Captain Ariant offers us 3500gp for the Lucy. Additionally we want to hire out the Fina as a transport vessel for cargo. We meet a rich guy who wants to see the Lucy. Rich guy Clarence Arbuckle interestingly enough knew our old Captain Dag. He is very curious to know how he passed away and we are finally forced to say he died in battle. He looks at the ship with an experienced eye. He asks if the Silvers have been aboard. Ish tries to intimidate but eventually we admit that we did have a silver pirate aboard. After checking the boat out for Captain Arbuckle, his underling says the boats is satisfactory but he is not sure if they can get rid of the taint. We show him where the silver pirate melted on board. The rich guy’s associate does some spell to check the taint. Arbuckle offers 4000gp. We decide to walk away from his offer for now.

We go to harbor front taverns. Suddenly an older grey haired woman is walking beside us. She looks good for her age despite how she is dressed. “A coin for your fortune” she says loudly! Softly she says “I have a job for you” Ish softly makes a deal to meet her later then violently pushes her away like the half-orc brute he is. At the appointed time, we meet her at the Laughing fish. An ugly half orc named Jarr is selling fish at the door quite successfully. His salesman’s pitch is more physical than verbal. The paddle he’s holding menacingly is quite an effective technique. Ish speaks his language and gets right folksy and disgusting. He knows he’s from the same county. Jarr totally recommends this tavern to Ishmael. We enter the bar and find it to be a vile and nasty place. Ish offers 1gp for our 3 drinks, which results in our getting the best table in the house-5 layers of grime rather than 10. The bar is full of half-orcs. The woman mysteriously appears. She seems sincere but desperate. She wants us to go to a remote southern island to pick something up. There will be cliffs and bad things in the way but the reward is big. She wants some of the blue mushrooms that grow on a cliff. The cliff, made by a titan’s sword now grows this colorful fungus. She offers to pay 400gp/mushroom. We ask for 400gp up front and she agrees. She gives us a sack of gems worth 650gp. Ish takes the gems. Mara (the mysterious woman) says she will find us upon our return. She leaves after giving us a map and warns us to not eat, smell or lick the mushrooms. Ish eats the slop not fit for humanoid consumption served at the Laughing Fish, then we go out to find a buyer for the Lucy.

We check out the harbormaster looking to find more information about who or where to go to sell our old cog. A dwarf at the desk recommends the Twilight Tavern. We go there. It’s a dealers place…lots of nooks, lots of charm, nice place. A band is rocking the stage. We are promptly seated and we inform the host that we have a boat for sale.
We recognize Clarence Arbuckle and his compadres. The captains all seem to like to wear Asian style jackets with long sleaves. The look is distinctive but makes them look like waiters. The waitress recommends we talk to Captain Clarence Arbuckle and Captain Arnold about selling the ship. We bypass Captain Arbuckle for obvious reasons and go over to Captain Arnold.

Captain Arnold is a real sleaze bag rich guy, drunk with his own power. Two beautiful women surround the captain. Alas why do women abase themselves in this manner? We offer the ship to him for 5000gp. He falls for the false flattery I send his way and says he will look at it in the morning. The following morning the well-dressed captain arrives with 2 different women on his arm and a guy with a clipboard. Captain Arnold offers us 4000 gp but then Ishmael intimidates him and he ups his offer to 4500gp. Hurrah for us!

We sail! On to Blue mushroom isle.
On the Ariant is Ishmael, Masa Hiro, Trigg, Billy (girl) Sven, Katt, Jennifug and Captain Vic.

We have smooth sailing and make pretty good time until day 6 where we run into something big enough to put a hole in the bottom of the ship. We take on water but thankfully we successfully fix and plug the hole with a combination of hard labor and spells. On day 8 we see another ship on the horizon. Being curious and greedy types we get in closer looking for potential booty. We end up boarding a tattered ship which is in quarantine and potentially full of sick and diseased dead or dying individuals. We get the hell off the boat but not before Ona puts a quarantine flag on the mast. We see the partially obscured name of Lor on the side of the ship.

By day 10 we arrive but we must wait until the winds drops to investigate further. Night falls before the winds abate. When the sun comes up we travel around the island. We see trees and small flying things (long and skinny). I make out something blue 2/3 of the way up the island. There appears to be other mushrooms growing on the island as well. We secure the boat and then start climbing.

Not far into our ascent, we are met by an aggressive trio of bat people who attack us despite all our attempts to be conciliatory. I strike out with my club. Katt hits with an icicle. Masa takes a hit. Ona tries to intimidate and shakes up the leader. The bastards push a bunch of rocks unto us. Ona and I are in the line of bouncing boulders! Masa Hiro- 17th generation champion fighter kills the leader and then the other two fly away in alarm. Presumably they will return with reinforcements. Next time we’ll be ready! Grrrrrrr!


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