The Terror of the Seas

Selling the Boat

Finished selling the boat. ($4500) then got a job, and headed south to an island for $400/blue mushroom. played with buhler, lenz and marcoux

Let's sell a boat!

Lenz Birthday – DMHiC game, as fowlie couldn’t make it. Had Jake, Buhler, Lenz, and Marcoux. We unloaded our package / crate. Then, went back to the boat, debated which boat to sell (the old one), and went to the Merchant’s Guild to join, and meet up with a contact. Then tried to sell a boat. No deal was made, as she was worried about the Taint.

Bringing it home

DMHiC – Last minute game,as Fowlie canceled DMC. Joba, Punshon, Buhler, Lenz and Marcoux – got the 2nd ship, managed to sail to town, without fighting magic horse riders. Got into town, brought the goods to the target, and avoided the guards.

Battle at sea

DM-HiC – Buhler DM; with Jake Punshon, myself and John Lenz (was meant to be DMJ, but Fowlie canceled).
Fought a bunch of little lizards, but managed to take them down. Was unconscious twice; but managed to take their ship. Killed one more creature;

The Start of War at Sea

DMHC. Fowlies friend came over, as well as Nova, Lenz, punshon, Buhler and myself. We dealt with flying lizards and the ship coming up close.

Making a Deal

DM Hi C; started off with fowlie, buhler, lenz, myself and punshon. Fina showed up as well. At the tavern, we see a mafiosa make a deal with a bald man. We met up with him, to arrange a midnight meet. We let the captain know, and head there. We end up picking a metal box, and load it up. Paperwork is signed; we find some spies watching. We end up heading out (fowlie heads out), and travel by see. By day 5, a ship starts chasing us. By the end of day 7, we get caught…..

The Adventure Begins

Pirate Game. DMHiC.
Met up with Fowlie, Buhler and Lenz. Our ship is part of a 3 boat fleet, but run into a storm. The captain acts odd, we break formation and the other two ships are attacked. We mutiny against the captain, but too late. We pick up a survivor (Billy – Bilgerat) and take our goods to port. Sell them for a decent profit. Sven gets a wig fixed; we head to a tavern and hear more about silver pirates.

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Start of a new one off running series. Fowlie couldn’t make it tonight. Will be nautical in theme. We have Ishmael (my half-orc navigator), Katt (cleric; Jake), Hiro (japanese fighter; John Lenz), Trig (wizard, Jo Anne). Buhler is DM.


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