The Terror of the Seas

WE ARE THIRD LEVEL Tales by Triggg (I claim artistic licence on erroneous facts)

We now have some killer stuff

April 19, 17

Present this day of DM high Ceas featuring Chris B
Kira the Witch (Bob)
Masahiro the human Fighter (John L)
Quinn half-elf Cleric , chaotic good (Glen)
Kanye the giant Halfling (Ryan)
Ishmael the half-orc Ranger (John M)
Triggg the gnome Wizard (Jo-Anne)

“We are strong. We are powerful. We are 3rd level !“(said with a Darth Vaderish voice)
Flush with cash, pockets bulging, we go shopping. Kira and Masa want to sell their gems scavenged from the cave on mushroom isle. Kira gets 270gp for hers and Masa get 550. Kanye is beaming. He only lost 20gp this time in his foiled bluff. What we really want is a way to control an air elemental to power the magic on the Fina. The wand we need is worth 3000gp.

We go back to the guild club to find another job to finance our wannabe wand. As usual the clientele are well healed. After an unsuccessful foray into the gathering we find a guest of the guild who wants us to transport mined titan fang for him to Shelzar from Fang’s Falls. There are many alarm bells ringing while we negotiate with this fellow. One is the money isn’t good enough. Two, handling the titan fang might be detrimental to our health. Three, there is a risk of pirate encounters on the high seas…wait a minute that a plus. Three, the money just isn’t good enough. We politely decline. A waitress comes by and leads us to the 2nd floor where she explains, there are better paying jobs to be found. Kira glamour’s up… “It never hurts to look ones best “ she explains. We are approached almost immediately. Mara (the woman who wanted the blue mushrooms) has given us a glowing reference. The reference and Kira’s look obviously makes us an attractive bunch. If only Ishmael would stop picking his nose! A noblewoman flanked by two men states to us “we have a problem with silver pirates taking too many cargo ships. Military ships as well! We will pay 15000gp for the capture of one of pirate ship. “ We are quick to consider the offer because of the additional power the wand could give us to attempt such a feat. We negotiate a 5000gp deposit. She readily agrees but in return requires, at the very least, information about the silver pirates within 2 weeks. The noblewoman just happens to have a purse of 5000gp on her which she gives to us. In response to our query, the woman mentions that only one military ship has tried to capture the silver pirates so far, unsuccessfully. Before leaving the guild club we find another job which will make our trip even more profitable and interesting. We decide to transport casks of ale for 2000gp. PARTY!

Back at the market, along with the purchase of the air elemental wand, Kanye picks up 510gp of poison for his darts: scorpion giant, wasp green and blood oil. Kira, Masa and I spend 300gp each for scrolls and alchemical stuff. My scrolls are shield and mists. I copy them down and memorize them back at the ship. Back at the ship, we stow our new gear, learn our spells, poison our darts, shine and sharpen our weapons, meditate and sleep.

Morning comes and we set sail hoping for an encounter with silver pirates. Our destination is the island of …to drop off the ale. Our first day out we try our new wand. We cast a water elemental onto the bilge pump/propulsion device. We lurch forward adding a 100yards/round of distance to our journey. Captain Fatty barely maintains control of the Fina as she jumps forward. Then for fun we cast an air elemental which sends us to beam reach at 15knots/hour.

Later, Kira keeping watch in the crows nest yells down that she sees a swarm of 8 giant stirges flying towards us. Everyone armours up and Quinn gives us a welcome +1 to AC. Kira and I cast mage armour upon ourselves just in case. The insects attack. Kanye shoots and misses. Masa shoots and kills one. I burn one with acid. Quinn casts a wind wall on the deck of the Fina which is good for 18 seconds. Kira shoots and misses. The insects hit the wind wall and are propelled up 40ft out of mischief for 6 seconds. Masa kills another bug. I kill the one I injured (#3) with my club. Captain Fatty does a dumbass sailing manoeuvre and Kira falls out of the crows nest but spell casts her way gently back to the deck. The ship continues veering hard to starboard (right). Kira, on her way down, catches a glimpse of something scary in the back of the boat and yells out a warning. I kill another bug with my club of apprentice. Kanye injures another with his short-bow. Masa misses. Quinn and Ishmael runs towards the scariness at the back. The insects spot their movement and attack them. The sturges latch on to their juicy prey. Ishmael, freaking out, hits himself but manages to kills one (5). Kira casts a web on the stern and notices that the captain is bleeding. I re-injure a stirge while Kanye trip on the bug corpse and watches helplessly as his weapon slips from his grasp and flies overboard. Masa kills the injured bug (6). The two bloodsucking stirges are sucking fast and furious on the lifeblood of Ish and Quinn. Quinn casts lightning strike against the bug on him (7). Ishmael is panicking so badly he hits himself with a double critical and can barely stand. I kill the last stirge. At this point things get kinda fuzzy and I truly feel like I’m not present.

Something is struggling under Kira’s web. Quinn the cleric heals Ishmael and he immediately runs over to kill the invisible form struggling beneath the web. Ishmael’s attack forces a giant spider to appear from beneath the web. The spider lounges for Ish and bites him. Kira uses another healing spell and stops Capt Fatty from bleeding to death. Kanye’s bow starts to sing and the spider loses its glamour. A small winged devil called an imp appears. The imp throws up his hands and shouts “ok you got me”. You bet we do as we slip the manacles of cooperation on it. Quinn heals the imp enough to keep it alive for questioning.



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