The Terror of the Seas

Returning to Fangsfall

Probing the Kira

Attendees: DMHC (of course), Prince John Matic, Jake Duke Punshon, Joba the Marquis de Marcoux, Ryan Big Chief Hooy, and John Tzar Lenz (your humble scribe).

- 74 NM to Fangsfall and closing is where we pick up the action. There be good sailing winds out there, and even the pug-nosed, bow-heavy, junkyard dog Kira is making good way under the semi-competent eye of “Captain” Codbiter. Attentions turn to figuring out what those two other magical auras are that Triggg noticed at the end of last meeting. First, in the bilge, she manages to figure out that the semi-spherical apparatus connected to tubes venting out the back of the boat is a propulsion device once a water elemental is summoned into it – think Seadoo. Very interesting, indeed! We’re all looking forward to when Triggg and Katt develop their magical prowess enough to be able to summon such elementals (as well as the air elementals needed to work the magical mast ring we found earlier). Unfortunately, the wee gnome is unable to determine the nature of the magical aura at the bow that glows from beneath the ships hodge-podge of scrapyard cladding.
- What to do with this heavy chunk of ugly that is the Kira? The conversation reels and jigs, arguments posting and being reposted to, opinions passing between all crew members like a sneeze at a nursery school. Katt argues to just beach the whale and rip its magical bits off in private; the rest of us lean towards dry-docking the hulking slag and surgically harvesting her jewels. The majority rules and we sail ‘er toward Fangsfall. “Captain” Ishmael decides that he wants to have ogre strength to go along with his actually being an ogre and chucks back the last of our red mushrooms; +4 Strength ensues, and he’s feeling bad to the bone. Until we hit land, at least, and then this new brawn in gone, along with that of Sven and the levitating abilities of Kanye the Giant and Katt. D’oh!
- We start flashing Guild credential badges like we’re FBI and take the last dry dock hold for the high-assed Kira. Immediately, Triggg’s and Masa’s engineering chops are put to the test, and they are not found wanting; the bilge propulsion device is stripped and transferred to the Fina toute de suite. The rusty pastiche that is the front cladding falls next to the engineering talents of the gnomo and the homo (sapien), revealing an inserted magical strip that runs the length of the stem, from bowsprit to keel. The magical nature defies Triggg’s efforts until we run to town and drop seven-fiddy on a Wand of Identify, after which it spills its guts faster than the Duke at a Dock-in weekend. It turns out that this magical insert can absorb a fly or levitation spell to make the boat rise up in the water (though not out of the water) to cut a light swath through the seas, allowing nimble travel and exceptional making of way. Looks like we are going to have to purchase a few more wands!
- Okay, but how to transfer this strip to the Fina is the next question on our minds. We consider a butchering job of cut and paste but decide that it would leave the Kira unsailable and likely unsellable, so we instead use our Guild connections once again to hire the best shipwright we can find. This turns out to be a withered, weathered, gap-toothed salty ol’ sea dog named Drake, a man who likes his drinking vessels as much as his sailing ones. We somewhat-naively offer him the Kira in exchange for a proper job of transferring this magical stem piece in tact from the Kira to the Fina, and he is more than a little pleased with this deal, especially once he gets a look at her amazing hull construction. Turns out the Kira is a princess beneath her shabby rags, a piece of shipbuilding wonder that leaves Drake in complete awe. Oh well, we may not have gotten maximum value out of this rig, but we’re trying to build some social equity here in the harbour, and we feel that having a happy shipwright in our corner will pay dividends in the future, especially since we seem to be a bit hard on ships. He gets to work with his crew, and it’s the labour of a few days.
- Meanwhile, we decide it’s time to get paid. We get found by our employer, Mara, and get led to the wealthy end of town to a back entrance into the keep of the town’s head honcho, Lord Killian Vrail, the military dictator of Fangsfall. There in palatial accomodations, we find Mara, who is mightily impressed with the speed with which we have fulfilled our contract. She pays us a 500gp bonus on top of the promised 2 Gs for our 5 blue mushrooms (which have powers of granting eternal youth, we have heard). We ask Mara about the red and yellow schrooms, and she says that she’s heard their effects only work until their imbibers touch land (at this point, it’s uncertain whether the abilities are permanently gone or whether they will return once we get back out to sea). With pockets bulging and our merchant rep soaring, we head back to the docks to continue our surgery.
- Next, we decide that our ghost-rider prisoner might have some more important info to divulge if we can figure out how to communicate with him. We had asked Mara for the rental of a spellcaster who could cast a Tongues spell for us, and the next morning, Triggg gets touched just the right way and starts speaking with the prig in the brig. Turns out he’s not such a bad guy. He’s a member of a fleet of sailors from across the Blood Sea (myth that there ARE no people beyond the Blood Sea: Busted) who have come here seeking their peoples’ treasures which were cast all about the world during the Titan Wars. They seem to be a people who keep to themselves, and our man appears to be but a lackey in that society, subject to the commands of the sorcerers of his people. He said that the other ghost-riders had ripped out some magical navigational device from the Kira, a device which allows them to track down their treasures. He mentions that they have a village down southward down the coast a ways and that he’d like to get back to them. He says that several of their ships have been captured by the Silver people, who have the ability to control weather. The Silver people then seem to re-gift these ships to those lizard folks that we have met before to sail. News that the Kira has the “Taint” of prior Silver people’s presence prompts us to look into our Rolladex to find Captain Arbuckle, the dude to whom we sold the Loosey during our last visit to port, in order to get his team of clerics to give the Kira a proper once-overing with holy Pinesol and SOS pads. He opens with a price point of 1000gp, but after much hard, expert bartering, economic salvos raining back and forth between the camps like broadside artillery fire between 3-masted warships, we end up settling on a price of 1000gp. Katt had supposedly almost worked him down to 980 when Kanye the Giant insisted that Arbuckle also throw in 16 titties and an extra round of Alize. The price bumped back up to a cool thou. We feel good about that price.
- The clerics do their work and don’t seem to notice too much of the specialness of the magical devices on board – we breathe reliefedly. We semi-promise our prisoner that after we’re ready to sail, we’ll drop him south of town on the coast with a bottle of water and a sandwich so that he can walk back to his people, putting in a good word about our crew to his superiors if they think to track us down. What’s that feeling of sudden competence stirring deep inside? Oh! I think we’ve just gone up a level!!



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