The Terror of the Seas

Its all about the disguises

That Arbuckle's a swine

June 1st, 2017
Present this day of DM high Seas featuring Chris B
Kira the Witch (Bob)
Sven Trenchdigger- Chris F
Masahiro the human Fighter (John L)
Quinn half-elf Cleric , chaotic good (Glen)
Kanye the giant Halfling (Ryan)
Ishmael the half-orc Ranger (John M)
Triggg the gnome Wizard (Jo-Anne)

ARGH! It appears that the imp is in cahoots with Arbuckle and he brought a black box with him. We examine the box and decide to take it out on the dingy away from the ship to open it. Good call! A silver creature demon appears, then disappears off the dingy and kills the imp. Nice.

We pilfer through the imps bag and find some cool stuff; string of autohelm (auto pilot), 5 stirge bombs, 1 stinking cloud, 1 stinking mist. We put these items into the ships common items. Sven, who was poisoned by the stirges is healed by Quinn.

We sail on to Eterin to drop off our cargo of ale. Sailing beside us are two ships belonging to Arbuckle. Still towing the tainted dinghy, we get to port and deliver the ale. In disguise, Masa and Katt hold a fake argument on the dock as a distraction while two others from our crew switch dinghies with Arbuckle.
We leave in the middle of the night to go back to Fang’s falls for our 200gps. Once there we find Mara again as we are looking for information about Arbuckle. We are getting the sneaking suspicion that Arbuckle is stabbing us in the back. Mara tells us he wants to become a Lord and is a candidate in the upcoming election. Leaving her we go find the Lady Effin who is at home. We tell her we think Arbuckle is involved. She tells us Arbuckle’s luck seems to be growing just like his wealth. Katt goes back to the docks and finds out other ships have been having tainting problems as well.

We maintain our disguises because it seems to be the safest way to move around town. We still need to get paid for delivering the ale. We decide to befriend the clerics that Arbuckle has hired (cleric of Enkili-trickster, male/female). Kira disguises herself as one of them.

There are eight well-protected ships sporting the Arbuckle colors moored at port. Each ship has many armored soldiers aboard. Katt and Kira, in disguise approach the nearest ship in the hopes of being hired on as cleric de-tainters. The leader approaches Katt and Kira and demands to know who they are. Their good intentions fall flat and they are firmly escorted off the boat. We message them to meet us in an alley a few blocks away. On our way to rendezvous, we spot some clerics walking together towards Arbuckle’s manor. I cast a dire rat to split them up so we can act like heroes and protect them. We manage to isolate the cleric bitten by the dire rat while trying to keep the other 3 away from him. Katt tries to bluff trip one, Ish tries to scare off another, and I cast ventriloquism so that they think Marcus (the injured cleric with Kira) is in the opposite direction from the one he has gone. Always seeking opportunity, Katt picks the pocket of one of the clerics while him and his buddies run away. Kira ingratiates herself to Marcus and convinces him to take protection with her at the Dark alley Orc house. We all meet up there. Katt’s stolen booty is a potion of levitate (10gp,). Triggg goes into the room with Marcus and Kira and together they try to work some information out of Marcus. Marcus says he is a cleric of Bellsmith and admits he is working for Arbuckle. Kira say she would like to work for Arbuckle too. Marcus admits they use the black boxes to project the demon silver men. They keep the demons in a temple and they can project them into the boats and use imps to take over the boxes. The boxes are used to take over boats and captain’s brains and stuff. Arbuckle is the big cheese of it all. Marcus admits that this is the way Arbuckle has been taking possession of the ships and he uses the clerics to gain influence and power. All the clerics are from Bellsmith and they benefit too because then their god gets power via Arbuckle who is a powerful cleric and can charm and summon demons. Arbuckle has commandeered 30 ships so far. The black boxes, we learn can be used over and over. With all this new information we get Kira and go to the lady Effin.



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