The Terror of the Seas

Finding out who our friends are

the frog is chatty

August 21st, 2017 out back on the deck
Present this day of DM high Seas featuring Chris B
Kira the Witch (Bob)
Masahiro the human Fighter (John L)
Quinn half-elf Cleric , chaotic good (Glen)
Kanye the giant Halfling (Ryan)
Triggg the gnome Wizard (Jo-Anne)

Recited a la Kermit the frog
We are in the guildhall with various captains. There is a stunned silence when the silver guy was released from the black box. We effortlessly dispatch the demon projection…really. Hopefully now the captains will believe us about Arbuckle, his con game and his quest for ultimate power. Captain Bevno finally grasps the direness of the situation and promises to spread the word about the ship tainting scam. Trigg suggests that Arbuckle should die quickly before he can be elected as a lord of the town. Kanye wholeheartedly agrees. He starts cracking his knuckles and salivating. Most of the captains in the guild appear too afraid to act. Kira charms the different small groups and encourages their self-righteousness. They get angry!

Since we heard that two of Arbuckle’s political opponents have disappeared, we are worried about the Fina and decide to move and disguise her. Likely Marcus has given a full report to Arbuckle by now. Bevno agrees to do it for us.

Its 10pm, we go back to Lady Effin’s place and let ourselves in the back door. She joins us despite the lateness of the hour and tells us that she went to investigate the house of the lady and lord Welluck who were abducted. Apparently they disappeared from the library soon after a large silver demon went in after them. Some of their servants were killed. We walk over with Effin and her guards to see for ourselves. Still in disguise we check out the house. The gate is in place but the main entrance is destroyed. The door looks like it was hit by lightning. There are still wards on the back door and windows. The survivors are shaken up but they think they may have seen stirges. They saw a silver creature go into the library but the only thing left in there are odd scorch marks on the floor.

Effin reveals the nobles opposed to Arbuckle; Lord and Lady Prydain (major nobles), Lady Ylaria, Lord and Lady Westhall and lord Fanzeller. We suggest to Lady Effin that she should send a message to her allies and suggest to them to come here tonight for their protection and as a show of strength. Its doubtful any of them will venture anywhere at this time of night so we take the opportunity to rest up. That is, everyone except Kanye. Kanye is still amped up and ready to rumble so he goes out to the market to pick up more loot for the team. He gets Triggg a masterworks club, a faeryfire scroll and glitterdust scroll. She wakes early to memorize the new scrolls.
Kira woos the kitchen staff…they share recipes.

The lords and ladies start arriving at the break of dawn. Hors d’ oeuvres are served before breakfast. During the night the servants washed our clothes and shined our weapons in the hopes we would fit in a little better amongst the nobility. It doesn’t work. Other than smelling better and Triggg’s fabulous hair, we still look a bunch of delinquent scoundrels…but in a good way. We are seated at designated spots around a huge table. Lady Effin gives a toast to the missing Wellucks and explains our presence. Kira explains Arbuckle’s dastardly deeds. She says ominously that he is a cleric of Belsameth. We all take turns describing how Arbuckle is swindling the whole town. Finally after much discussion, both groups retreat to their corner. We decide what we want to do…make money, kill Arbuckle, stay alive. Upon getting together again the lords and ladies summarise their position and say “We are concerned about the Wellocks and want them back, 2nd we want to enhance the safety of our homes 3rd we want to give monetary support to you to bring Arbuckle down. Awesome! We are suddenly much more interested in getting involved and decide to help!

They give us 10000gp up front and promise 10000gp if we are successful in bringing back the Wellucks alive. They suggest using Scribe location to find them and think we should take over one of Arbuckle’s ships, (quietly). We also get 5000gp for any tidbit of information we might learn.
We go shopping and use the advance for armor for Masa, another set of manacles, a bunch of scrolls, masterworks flail, dagger etc.

In the evening we set out with Effin to enlist the help of a scryer. We are given an object which will allow us to see the Wellocks. Effin sends a female warrior-Blanche to go with us. We’re not sure what to make of Blanche and wonder if she is a sincere ally or simply a golden girl. We follow the Wellock compass. The arrow points towards the crappy docks and once we get there we find it’s pointing at our boat. The arrow even points to our dinghy attached to the side. Looking inside they appear empty until I cast fairy fire. Two bodies become visible. Kira tries to heal them but they are doorknob dead. It’s the Wellucks. We haul their invisible bodies back to Effin’s place. A few townies are wandering about. In the streets, an evil giggle precedes the return to visibility of the 2 bodies we are carrying. We see an imp sitting on a 2nd story ledge laughing at us. The Imp then casts fireworks. So much for being inconspicuous! We trap the imp. I cast a mist to cover our tracks. Quinn Blanche and I drag the bodies to the nearest temple. For some strange reason Kira slaps Kanye…something about timing and being impatient. We get to the temple of Enkili and ask for help. We make sure the imp is well secured. The temple people are shocked that we have a manacled imp in our possession and two dead bodies. With the help of the priests, we manage to get to Effin’s place unmolested.
Lady Effin is saddened by the death of the Wellucks (no 10000gp extra for us). We suggest a resurrection spell. Blanche’s lord Pridain shows up worried about who knows what and who saw what and who knows why and who know him. He’s a bit of a worrier. He agrees to hire a cleric to do a resurrection spell. We wait for the cleric.



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